Segeberg Kalkberg Cave

Explore the mysterious world of Segeberg’s Kalkberg Cave. Witness bizarre rock formations, strange shadows, and – if you’re lucky – live bats.

Noctalis_cave_A cave guide shows the  typical clefts on the cave`s ceiling

Our cave guides lead the way through the only show cave in Schleswig-Holstein. With their intriguing stories about the geology and history of the caves, about a species of cave beetles found only here in Bad Segeberg, and about the bats that spend their winters here, they turn the tour of the cave into an extraordinary experience.

A cave tour last about 35 minutes and can be done from April to September. Please note that the temperature in the cave is 9° Celsius (48° Fahrenheit) all year round! Light jacket and sturdy footwear recommended!

Tours are held constantly during opening hours as required. Waits are never longer than 60 minutes.

Noctalis_exhibition_The cave illuminated by the new lamps Noctalis_cave_Visitors are standing in front of the caves’s earlier pond

In Winter, more than 20000 bats use the Kalkberg cave for hibernating. Eight species stay here for the winter, the largest number are the Daubenton’s Bats and Natterer’s Bats. Tightly huddled together they spend about four months here. Come spring, when the insects are back, too, and there is fresh food outside, they wake up and move out to their summer habitats on lakesides and in forests and open spaces such as gardens or parks.

Noctalis_A flying Daubenton`s bat

Nosing around

From mid-August on is the time when bats start to swarm. Mostly young Daubenton’s Bats spend hours flying around in the cave nosing around – a social form of behavior used to explore the hibernating grounds together.
This is the time when your chances are extremely good to encounter those endearing little flying friends while you tour the cave.
Noctalis_Cave_Two sleeping bats are covered by light reflecting dew drops

"Segeberger gypsum cave - 100 Years of amazement"

In 2013, the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Segeberger gypsum cave and its opening was celebrated as a show cave. About 6.7 million people Segeberger cave has captivated since their discovery in March 1913, this was a reason for us to celebrate!
Under the motto "Segeberger gypsum cave - 100 Years of astonishment" were held throughout the year special events. The media wall with interviews, movies and pictures for 100-year history of the cave as a show cave have become part of the permanent collection of Noctalis.

1913 Segeberg 2 Mohr 1930

Historische Aufnahme aus der Säulenhalle

Tier 10

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