Noctalis – A World of Bats in Bad Segeberg

On 500 square meters and four floors the exhibition presents the fascinating creatures in all their variety. Every station is full of information for listening, watching and touching.

Noctalis_exhibition_The process of hibernating is explained in the artificial cave

Learning Is Fun
How do bats cling to the ceiling? How do they find their way in the dark? At Noctalis you will find the answers – turned into exciting entertainment for children, students and grown-ups.

With All Your Senses
Learn all there is to know about the world of bats. Audio guides, interactive stations for playing and learning, and a movie about bats invite you to learn all about the mysteries of bats.

Life in the Dark of Night
Bats are night-active animals, that’s why, at Noctalis, we have turned day into night. When you enter the Noctarium it seems pitch-black, but within a few seconds your eyes get accustomed to the dark – and you can watch the tropical Seba`s Short-tailed Bats as they fly their acrobatic rounds and while they feed.

Noctalis_exhibition_The bat phenomenon is shown in many ways to hear, see and to try out

The tour starts in an artificial cave that is modeled after the wintering grounds in which bats hibernate. Vampire stories accompany visitors as they climb the stairs. One floor is dedicated to the natural habitats of bats. Step through a large hole in a tree into the night forest with its mysterious sounds. A reconstructed attic shows the various hide-outs our secretive neighbors use. An entire floor is dedicated to the skills of these marvelous beings: How do they fly and find their way around? When and where and how do they give birth to their babies?

Tier 24KinderinAusstellung02 1Ausstellung 17Ausstellung 18

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