Things to Know About Bats

Bats and flying foxes together form the order Chiroptera. These are the only mammals able to actively fly. Everybody has seen how bats go hunting for insects when it gets dark in the evening. A bat is able to eat several hundred mosquitoes in one night.

Bats are at home almost anywhere on the planet. Around the world there are more than one thousand species of bats. These different species have developed various strategies and niches for survival.

In Schleswig-Holstein alone, there live 15 bat species, eight of these hibernate in the Kalkberg cave. Thus the cave is one of the most important wintering grounds in Europe.

Noctalis_The ears of a brown long-eared bat are almost as long as the rest of its body Noctalis_A rare Bechstein`s bat sitting on a stem

Living Grounds for Bats
Some bat species are our close neighbors for they not only hunt, but live in our houses, sheds and other buildings. All our native bats suffer from shortage of housing. With every year it is getting more difficult for them to find suitable living grounds. People who would like to offer a home to bats can do so by either buying or building one. Some are even suited as hibernating grounds.

In the Noctalis Shop you will find various bat houses from ready-made slit boxes made of wood-concrete to do-it-yourself kits with wooden parts that can be put together at home. You can also find building instructions for all kinds of bat houses in the internet.



Marvelous Creatures

Flying, the oldest dream of mankind. Seeing in the dark with their ears. Walking on the ceiling, clinging to it while they sleep – bats can do all this. And that is not all.
Discover more about the hunters of the night and set out on a trip into an unknown world – the world of bats.

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