Day Turned into Night

What’s fluttering there? In our Noctarium Exhibition, you will come in close contact with our bats. Watch up to a hundred Seba`s Short-tailed Bats as they fly their acrobatic rounds and feed on bananas, their favourite food. In the flying room enclosed by glass on all sides you will find benches to sit and watch.

Noctalis_exhibition_In the flying area fort he tropical bats fruits such as honey melons and bananas are hanging from the ceiling

It is dark in the Noctarium because we have reversed night and day so that you may watch the bats during opening hours. Several lighted spots allow you to find your way without disturbing the bats. For more information on our tropical bats and their babies, see Baby Bats in the menu.


Tier 22Foxi Startseite Noctalis Foto Gloza Rausch

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