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School party, club, tourist party or staff outing – the Exhibition Noctalis is a fascinating destination for group trips of all kinds. You haven‘t found the offer suited to your needs? Please call us and we will be pleased to make special arrangements. Please note that our guided tours are in German. If you would like to have an English-speaking guide for your group, please ask us, and we will find one for you.

Visit the exhibition with a guide
Segeberg Kalkberg Cave
Bat Excursion - Night Walk
Geology Workshop: Smoothing Stones

Why not Visit the Exhibition With a Guide?
How do bats find their way in the dark? What happens during the hibernation period? Why is there no need to be afraid of real vampires? At Noctalis you will find the answers to these questions, presented in a fascinating and entertaining way.
As the exhibition is self-explanatory you can book your tour with or without a guide.
On the guided tour our bat experts will give you vivid explanations of the special skills of bats and present the Noctalis highlights. During the tour there will be several opportunities for exploring special areas on your own. The tour through Noctalis lasts one and a half hours.

Segeberg Kalkberg Cave - Expedition Underground
Explore the mysterious world of Segeberg’s Kalkberg Cave. Witness bizarre rock formations, strange shadows, and – if you’re lucky – live bats. Our cave guides lead the way through the only show cave in Schleswig-Holstein. With their intriguing stories about the geology and history of the caves, about a species of cave beetles found only here in Bad Segeberg, and about the bats that spend their winters here, they turn the tour of the cave into an extraordinary experience.
A cave tour last about 35 minutes and can be done from April to September.

Please note that the temperature in the cave is 9° Celsius (48° Fahrenheit) all year round!

Bat Excursion – Night Walk into the World of Bats
The journey into the world of bats begins at night break. Equipped with special bat detectors, students led by a member of the Noctalis team explore the vicinity looking for native bats on their nightly hunt for insects. With competent guidance it is easy to make the bat calls audible. The excursion lasts between 1,5 and 2 hours and can be done from April to September.

Studying Geology While Smoothing Stones
How did Segeberg’s Kalkberg originate? Is it really a „mount of lime“ as the name says? What part did rock-salt play in the process? How was the Kalkberg Cave formed? Get clear answers to all your questions about the geology of the Kalkberg. While smoothing and polishing stones, school parties may discover that anhydrite and gypsum are much more beautiful than they imagined them to be! The finished stones may be taken home as a souvenir. This feature lasting about one hour is suited for all ages.


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Opening times*:

November till March:
closed on Mondays ,
Tue-Thu 9 am - 2 pm ,
Fri-Sun and public holidays 10 am - 6 pm

April till October:
Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Phone: +49 (0) 4551 8082-0

Right at the foot of the Kalkberg in Bad Segeberg                 

Friday is Family Day: Each paying adult can bring one child free of admission.

Caution Winter break: Our house is closed from 22.12.2016 up to and including 5.1.2017, also we take a break!

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