Frequently Asked Questions

We would like your visit to Noctalis and the Kalkberg Cave to be an outstanding experience. To let you know what to expect, here is a list with frequently asked questions plus answers. You have other questions? Please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will try to help you: Contact

Does Noctalis offer guided tours in English?
Our offers for groups and guided tours are usually held in German. If you would like to have an English-speaking guide for your group, please ask about it when booking and we will try to arrange it.

Can I park my car in front of Noctalis?
There is a turning area in front of Noctalis where you may stop briefly to let visitors get in and out of your car or to load and unload goods. Please use one of numerous public parking areas in Bad Segeberg, e.g. Winklersgang (5 minutes walk). Outside of the Karl May season, you may also park your car in the parking spaces in front of Karl-May-Platz.

Parking spaces for visitors with disabilities can be found at the entrance of the Karl-May-Spiele (2 minutes walk from the Noctalis, no steps).

Information for groups coming by bus: Coaches may be parked on the designated coach parking areas of the Karl-May-Spiele, please follow the signs.

Can I pay by credit card?
We are sorry, but we accept only EC cards issued by domestic banks.

Is there a family card or a family discount?
Friday is family day in Noctalis. Each paying adult can bring one child (age 4-14) free of admission to the Exhibition (not valid for visiting the Kalkberg Cave). During the holidays we offer reductions to holiday pass owners, and the year round we honor vouchers and reductions offered by organizations in the area. Otherwise there is no family card or family discount.

Are the bats flying freely around me?
The bats in Noctalis have a separate flying space, the Noctarium. The bats are kept behind glass panes and can be watched by our visitors through these.
In the Kalkberg Cave bats enjoy their natural freedom. So it may be that on your cave tour once in a while you will see a bat flying by. Bats may also pass over your head. As the animals are afraid of human beings, no bat will ever want to land on you, to approach you, or even to attack you.

May I take a bat in my hand at Noctalis and caress it?
Please understand that this is not possible. Bats are free-living animals with sharp claws and teeth. Incidentally, the Noctalis shop has all kinds of innocent toy bats on sale that are safe to cuddle with.

Please note that when you find a wounded or sick bat in your garden, for example, you should not touch it except with gloves. Bats can bite out of fear and transmit diseases like rabies. Don’t forget to protect yourself.

Do I have to book a cave tour in advance?
Booking is not necessary for one or two visitors or a small family group.
If you want to visit us in a larger group we would ask you to book in advance to help us plan with staff and times. To receive a group discount on the admission fee it is also necessary to book in advance.

What are the times for the cave tours?
While the cave season is on from April 1 to September 30, guided tours through the Kalkberg Cave are held periodically during our regular opening hours. The first tour is offered when the first visitors of the day arrive and it starts after a short wait. The frequency of the tours depends on the amount of visitors on a given day. During the summer holidays, tours usually start every 15 minutes, off-season the most you might have to wait is 60 minutes.

Is it cold in the cave?
The temperature in Segeberg’s Kalkberg Cave is 9° Celsius (48° Fahrenheit) all year round, that is a little warmer than in your refrigerator. What are comfortable temperatures for hibernating bats can feel very cool when it is summer outside. So we suggest that even in summer you bring a sweater or a light jacket.

Do I need special clothes or shoes for the cave?
As explained above, we suggest that you wear a sweater or a light jacket in the Kalkberg Cave even in summer. The cave floors are gravelly and there is the occasional puddle – so you are definitely more comfortable wearing sturdy footwear than flip-flops or light sandals.

Can I visit the cave when I have a walking impairment?
If you depend on a wheelchair, a wheeled walker or other aids like crutches for your mobility, we regret that you cannot take part in a cave tour. The tour leads through natural environment with its bumps and rocks. Both the entrance and exit to the forecourt as well as to the cave itself are by stairs, some of them rather steep and with irregular steps. We ask for your understanding.

The Exhibition in Noctalis itself is fully accessible by wheelchair and with walking aids.

May I take pictures or videos in Noctalis and in the Kalkberg Cave?
Like in many other museums, it is not allowed to take pictures or videos in Noctalis. For the preservation of nature, it is the same in the cave. We ask for your understanding.

May I bring my dog?
It is not allowed to bring dogs or other animals into the Noctalis Exhibition or the cave. It is also not possible for the Noctalis staff to take care of your dog during your visit. Please do not tie your dog outside. On days with many visitors this can cause a lot of stress to the animal.
Guide dogs are an exception and may of course be brought into the exhibition. Please understand that we cannot allow guide dogs in the Kalkberg Cave.

Is universal access provided in Noctalis?
In the exhibition universal access is provided. All floors and a wheelchair-accessible toilet can be reached by elevator.
There are as many as 16 audio stations where people with visual impairment can get information on the exhibition and the topics of the various floors.

People with disabilities get a reduction on showing their certificate.

Parking spaces for visitors with handicaps can be found at the entrance of the Karl-May-Spiele (2 minutes walk from Noctalis, no steps).

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